Product Detail
HT-20B mortar test hammer

Brief introduction:

This instrument is specially used in testing the compressive strength of mortar in building brick component.


1. Center rod use imported materials, high precision, wear proof.

2. Shell made of polymer composites with high elasticity and perfect hand feel, perfectly protect instrument from damage on site work, and prolong use life.

3。 Pointer slider is outside ring structure, easy to adjust friction, and assure the equal friction between pointer slider and axis, so that assure the accuracy of instrument。 Compare with other brand similar product, it’s better accuracy, longer use life。


Test range: 1。0~25Mpa

Standard impact energy: 0。196J(0。02kgf。m)

Stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm

Friction of pointer slider: 0。5±0。1N

Sphere radius of rebound pole SR: 25mm

Average rebound hammer on steel anvil: 74±2

Size: Φ54*268mm

Weight: ≈1KG

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